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Take care of your hair


Protective period - if the hair slips or pulls out within 2 weeks of insertion. You must visit our salon immediately so we can assess the condition of the bonds. If the hair was misplaced, we will perform a complete correction free of charge!

  • Use cosmetics recommended for hair extensions - Moroccanoil, Kerasilk and Goldwell work best.

  • Color your hair with the extensions removed

  • Never go to bed with wet hair

  • At bedtime you should gather your hair in a bun or a loose braid

  • Use shampoo, conditioner, heat protectant serum and smoothing oil every time you wash your hair

  • Use a moisturizing mask once a week

  • To keep your hair beautifully moisturized, you should do a regenerating or smoothing treatment every 4 months

  • Comb your whole head with a special soft brush

  • Blow dry your hair with lukewarm air, using a concentrator and a ceramic round brush



It is very important not to wash your hair 48 hours after insertion - this applies to the TAPE ON METHOD ONLY

Brush your hair thoroughly before washing. It is best to wash your hair in the shower. The water falls from above, which prevents your hair from tangling. Please remember that natural hair is dead after cutting, so good care is essential for good hair condition. VERY IMPORTANT! WASH YOUR HAIR WITH LUKEWARM WATER! Wash your hair by moving your hands with the shampoo from top to bottom. Remember: Never wash your hair in a circular motion! Due to the moisture and heat of the water the hair cuticles open up and as a result of washing in circular motions the hair gets stuck together and turns into a tangle. In addition, we expose the joints to open up, especially with the tape on method. The most contaminated are the hair near the scalp and the scalp itself. Extended hair does not require scrubbing. It is enough for the lather from the shampoo to run down. Instead, massage your scalp with your fingers.



Brush the entire head with a soft tangle teeze brush.

After washing, comb through damp hair, starting at the ends and gradually working your way up to the entire length. It is important to remember that the hair extensions should not be "combed" with a towel. You should use your fingers to comb through your hair and then towel it off. Then roll your hair in a towel for a few minutes until the water is absorbed. If you use a flat iron or curling iron, you should never heat up your hair at the roots, where the hair is connected. If you want to have curls or waves in your hair extensions we recommend the use of rollers or curling irons. Don't use thermo-locks, which are attached to the scalp, as this will damage the hair connections.



To keep your hair looking beautiful after every wash we dry it using a hair dryer and a round brush

Use a good hair dryer with an air concentrating nozzle to dry your hair. Use a low to medium heat setting. Start by using the blow dryer to lightly dry all of your hair, combing through it with your hands and not using a brush. Once your hair is half dry, divide it into sections. Use a round brush to dry each section. It is very important to use ceramic brushes (not plastic). Such brushes are available in our store. Ceramic brushes heat up during the drying process, thanks to which the heat acts on the hair from both sides, which closes the scales and speeds up the whole drying process. Hair extensions left to dry on their own, even the best quality hair, will look unattractive. Blow-drying your hair this way, with medium or cold air, will certainly not harm it.  In addition, we have prepared a video tutorial on how to do the drying process properly.

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